Gigi HadidGigi Hadid First ever Hottie of the the Day! I used to be in business with her father back in 2001.

Josh Smith wasted no time getting up shots in his Rocket debut. He took 21 shots, more than anyone else in a Rocket uniform. Although he didn’t start he played 31 plus minutes and looked great. Josh fits right in, Houston was a +15 while he was on the floor. He somehow learned how to shoot free throws over night 3/3 and figured out that when the ball is in the air to grab it (8 rebounds).

Seeing him last night as a Piston fan it felt like running into your Ex-Girlfriend and she’s all dressed up in the clothes you bought her flaunting the $8000 boob job you paid for too. We are paying Josh Smith to do the Rockets night after night. She left with all the goodies the boobs the clothes the car the jewelry everything.

Houston got a 9ish rated hottie for the price of a 2.

That hurts and it is going to hurt even more when The Houston Rockets win a title.

Thank goodness for financing!

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We are better off without her but it still stings.

Farewell my lusty love

"She is a 9"


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So Josh Smith is gone and we are going into the new year. What’s next for the Pistons? Well we made a trade for a backup stretch 4 sending my buddy’s best D League player for the Grand Rapids Drive to Phoenix for Anthony Tolliver. Not a huge splash but at least it’s a move of some sort. Send Josh Smith off proves our front office isn’t in the mood to play around and are serious when they talk about culture. Stan Van Gundy means business. You have to have huge balls to say to ownership, either we eat this 26 some million over the next 5 years using our stretch provision or we are a bad team for the next 5 years. Stan is a basketball guy. Stan is what the Pistons need right now. 5 wins doesn’t seem like anything to write home about but I think Stan knew what he was doing when he came in and I’m not saying there is any tanking going on but but but but but sorry for the stutter but there has been some questionable lineups out on the floor in those close games in the fourth quarters.

Stan the man!


Another rough game all around. We just don’t have the talent and the talent we do have keeps taking turns sitting out games. One day it’s Stuckey, next BG and then Charlie. We need all our guys ready to play if we want to compete. I’m not saying we are going to make a playoff run or anything, but one thing that must must not happen again, is for a team to come into our building and intentionally embarrass us.

The guys from Revive (clothing store in Birmingham) made da ESPN.

Dallas was disrespectful, but I don’t blame them, I blame the squad on the floor at the time they were running Showtime on our asses.


Dirk????? are you kidding me? The guy is all world and Lamar is so bad. Bad meaning good though. You can’t appreciate how good he is until you see him play live. 6′ 11″ playing point and playing it sickly well. He is in the right place at the right time all the time.


It seems like the guys on our roster are mailing it in.


There is still time to save face, but its going to have to happen soon and a trade needs to be made.

This roster makes for a bad brand of basketball. You can’t put it on the coach, but he is trying to make these guys play D or sit. The guys that buy into the defensive minded style, are not able to put up points to keep us in the game.


Hang in there coach, BG, Ben, Greg, Knight, JJ, Daye, Will, Vernon, Tay, Chuck, Max, Stuck and nephew


Help is on the way!!!! <—– Joe’s queue

Bibby smoked us. Every time we  got on him he hit a three pointer and looked at us and told us to shut the F up. Rolling with Mark Magnacca. I don’t remember much more than that.


Ripspect! The Bulls used and abused us on this night. Start to finish, we were all off our game. Let’s put this one behind us, chalk it up to owing Rip one! We are even now and the next time we face them (mask or no mask)…. It’s on like Donkey Kong!!!!


This Wilkins dude can play a little bit! I thought he was a rookie, but apparently he has been around 7 or so years. So lets roll with him and give him a real chance.


Sorry Nephew… thought you were living on the last name, but you got stopper skills and I love a D minded team.





Talk about a fun night! We got a win and felt like we had a little to do with getting a few of the Magic players off their game. Big Baby was lil baby for the night, Duhon was all class, Dwight was the free throw butcher, Patrick Ewing was dressed to kill and best of all JJ Redick was calling us douche bags but he turned out to be the biggest douche of the night.


The Pistons beat the Magic!!!!!! That was great!


BG shot the lights out and the Pistons other Ben went to work with J Max to shut down the middle. We crashed we banged we flat out out worked the Magic.





Got there a little late and had to leave a little early. I was in a tux and escorted by my lovely wife. Before the game I was listening to the WDFN on the way to the game as I always do and Lawrence Frank was talking about the keys to the game, he talked about what Indiana did to beat us the last time we played them. He talked about hustle and rebounding, I guess he said something to our guys too, because we out hustled them and out rebounded them, the outcome…. a big win!!!!!

Player of the game was Jonas, just a guess I bet he had a nice tasty dinner (filet and lobster mac and cheese) after the great game he played.


Charlie where are you?


I would still like to see BG get more shots up, but  win is a win. D Wilkins -11, 0-2 shooting and 1 rebound in 9 minutes, I think that experiment is over. See yoiu later Nephew.


We should be 2-2 but 1-3 is a start.




Not a great start record wise 0-2, but man did the ownership do a heck of a job with the rest of the production!! Seats were full, the bang sticks had lights in them (Bob ate one of the lights at Mon Jin Lau), salute to the Service Men and Women by Kid Rock, Ndamukong Suh was sitting court side, Mike Posner sang the national anthem, Taio Cruz preformed the halftime show, The Temptations got down, Tom Gores was jam’in in his suite and best of all Natalie Sitto of was in the house!!!! The only thing missing was a basketball team.


Holy “D”! Antwan Jamison  was dropping F bombs like they were going out of style, all Jazzy said to him was you got no game, after that everything Jamison did was followed up with a look our way and a F you.


Don’t sleep on the Cavs, they got more hustle in them than any team I’ve seen so far this year. They beat us to every loose ball, they were pushing us a round like we were high school kids. List of teams I’ve seen so far…



Short list but the Cavs might make some noise this year and I’m not talking about Antwan cussing out the opposing team’s fans.


Too much  Daye on the floor and not enough Defense.




Clearly a pre-season game. I didn’t recognize a few of the players, but what I did see were teammates out there, talking it up, helping each other and passing the ball. Early on one of our guys went to the ground and 3 teammates ran over to help him up. I didn’t see that once last year. Jonas told Knight while running back on D that “We need to get Austin involved”. The next time down Knight found Austin behind the 3 point line, got him the ball and he hit a 3. Knight ran back on D with a huge smile on his face and that put a smile on my face too.

Right after the game we were hanging out and we got work from a Piston insider that Stuckey got resigned, for around 8 million a year. He definitely has talent and could be a great player under Frank so let’s give him a chance. I would have seen him go elsewhere but he is one of us again.

It wasn’t much of a game but it was so good to see players out on a court.

See you all December, 28th, VIP D row 1 seats 7 and 8

P.S. Kobe’s wife filed for divorce.

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