Random thoughts…

Very excited to see what we have as far as talent goes and see if Stuckey blesses us with his presents. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Stuckey fan because he wears a Pistons uniform, but if he is not 100% on board, I say “see you later Eagleator.”

To have BG on the floor for 30 minutes and have him take 6 shots is comparable to double shifting Pavel Datsyuk without a stick. We need BG to shoot the ball and shoot it often.

Simple equation without math…

Owner hires GM, GM hires Head Coach, Head Coach hires Assistant Coaches, Players play for Coaches, GM holds Coach accountable, Owner holds GM accountable and that’s as simple as things should be. Yes the NBA is a business, but its time to put on a jersey and play ball and the rest should work itself out.

Play ball!


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