Not a great start record wise 0-2, but man did the ownership do a heck of a job with the rest of the production!! Seats were full, the bang sticks had lights in them (Bob ate one of the lights at Mon Jin Lau), salute to the Service Men and Women by Kid Rock, Ndamukong Suh was sitting court side, Mike Posner sang the national anthem, Taio Cruz preformed the halftime show, The Temptations got down, Tom Gores was jam’in in his suite and best of all Natalie Sitto of was in the house!!!! The only thing missing was a basketball team.


Holy “D”! Antwan Jamison  was dropping F bombs like they were going out of style, all Jazzy said to him was you got no game, after that everything Jamison did was followed up with a look our way and a F you.


Don’t sleep on the Cavs, they got more hustle in them than any team I’ve seen so far this year. They beat us to every loose ball, they were pushing us a round like we were high school kids. List of teams I’ve seen so far…



Short list but the Cavs might make some noise this year and I’m not talking about Antwan cussing out the opposing team’s fans.


Too much  Daye on the floor and not enough Defense.




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