Clearly a pre-season game. I didn’t recognize a few of the players, but what I did see were teammates out there, talking it up, helping each other and passing the ball. Early on one of our guys went to the ground and 3 teammates ran over to help him up. I didn’t see that once last year. Jonas told Knight while running back on D that “We need to get Austin involved”. The next time down Knight found Austin behind the 3 point line, got him the ball and he hit a 3. Knight ran back on D with a huge smile on his face and that put a smile on my face too.

Right after the game we were hanging out and we got work from a Piston insider that Stuckey got resigned, for around 8 million a year. He definitely has talent and could be a great player under Frank so let’s give him a chance. I would have seen him go elsewhere but he is one of us again.

It wasn’t much of a game but it was so good to see players out on a court.

See you all December, 28th, VIP D row 1 seats 7 and 8

P.S. Kobe’s wife filed for divorce.

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