Another rough game all around. We just don’t have the talent and the talent we do have keeps taking turns sitting out games. One day it’s Stuckey, next BG and then Charlie. We need all our guys ready to play if we want to compete. I’m not saying we are going to make a playoff run or anything, but one thing that must must not happen again, is for a team to come into our building and intentionally embarrass us.

The guys from Revive (clothing store in Birmingham) made da ESPN.

Dallas was disrespectful, but I don’t blame them, I blame the squad on the floor at the time they were running Showtime on our asses.


Dirk????? are you kidding me? The guy is all world and Lamar is so bad. Bad meaning good though. You can’t appreciate how good he is until you see him play live. 6′ 11″ playing point and playing it sickly well. He is in the right place at the right time all the time.


It seems like the guys on our roster are mailing it in.


There is still time to save face, but its going to have to happen soon and a trade needs to be made.

This roster makes for a bad brand of basketball. You can’t put it on the coach, but he is trying to make these guys play D or sit. The guys that buy into the defensive minded style, are not able to put up points to keep us in the game.


Hang in there coach, BG, Ben, Greg, Knight, JJ, Daye, Will, Vernon, Tay, Chuck, Max, Stuck and nephew


Help is on the way!!!! <—– Joe’s queue

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