Got there a little late and had to leave a little early. I was in a tux and escorted by my lovely wife. Before the game I was listening to the WDFN on the way to the game as I always do and Lawrence Frank was talking about the keys to the game, he talked about what Indiana did to beat us the last time we played them. He talked about hustle and rebounding, I guess he said something to our guys too, because we out hustled them and out rebounded them, the outcome…. a big win!!!!!

Player of the game was Jonas, just a guess I bet he had a nice tasty dinner (filet and lobster mac and cheese) after the great game he played.


Charlie where are you?


I would still like to see BG get more shots up, but  win is a win. D Wilkins -11, 0-2 shooting and 1 rebound in 9 minutes, I think that experiment is over. See yoiu later Nephew.


We should be 2-2 but 1-3 is a start.




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