Josh Smith wasted no time getting up shots in his Rocket debut. He took 21 shots, more than anyone else in a Rocket uniform. Although he didn’t start he played 31 plus minutes and looked great. Josh fits right in, Houston was a +15 while he was on the floor. He somehow learned how to shoot free throws over night 3/3 and figured out that when the ball is in the air to grab it (8 rebounds).

Seeing him last night as a Piston fan it felt like running into your Ex-Girlfriend and she’s all dressed up in the clothes you bought her flaunting the $8000 boob job you paid for too. We are paying Josh Smith to do the Rockets night after night. She left with all the goodies the boobs the clothes the car the jewelry everything.

Houston got a 9ish rated hottie for the price of a 2.

That hurts and it is going to hurt even more when The Houston Rockets win a title.

Thank goodness for financing!

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We are better off without her but it still stings.

Farewell my lusty love

"She is a 9"


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